What is “McFinkle” the blog about?
McFinkle is all about inspiration!  As a starting point the author finds highly sought inspiration through the process of writing, however, it is the hoped that the blog will inspire others to take on the challenges of life and to bring cheerfulness to adversity.

The blog is all about the random mutterings of its author but has its roots in issues relating to the writers personal Christian faith, their youth work & ministry practice, their struggles with weight management and chronic fatigue.  There are also roots to be found in exploring the outdoors, cycling, wild swimming, dogs and family.

Where does the name "McFinkle" come from?
The author used to work alongside the legendary youth worker known as Peter Thompson of “The Blue Houses” fame (Ballysillan YFC).  He had a great knack of giving people humorous and rhyming nicknames and so inspired and in the early days of his marriage the writer renamed his wife Twinkle McFinkle.  If you know his wife you will know she sparkles.  She has a deep inner beauty and energy that radiates from her bringing light and warmth into whatever situation she finds herself in.  Her humour and mischievous nature are magnetic and so the name just seemed to fit and it has stuck ever since.

Who is the author?
Peter Martin is a reluctantly middle aged and from the Ards Peninsula, County Down, Ireland.  He has been a youth worker for over 20 years and has held a variety of posts in both the voluntary and statutory sectors. The rest is unimportant…

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