Friday, July 21, 2017

The vine that chokes...

From early spring as my health began to improve I started a journey. It’s a journey that I have embarked on many times before but often returned to my starting point having had a failure of courage.  With each step this God accompanied journey reveals more clearly to me the amount of self-limiting lies and agreements I have made with myself about myself. Here are examples of a few that I have chosen to reveal but there are many more:
  • I am not good enough
  • I have not enough energy
  • My dreams are just dreams
Even as I write this I feel the pain and exhaustion that comes from carrying such lies and yet I have for many years often wrapping them around myself.  At some points I have even taken a sort of perverse comfort from them. As a result to breaking company with these long standing and often nurtured lies isn’t easy.  They have wrapped themselves around me like a poison vine robbing me of my vitality and vision, who I am and what I was made to be.


So what if bit by bit I started cutting the restricting vine of lies off?

What if just enough was broken off to enable me to breathe again and the oxygen started to feed my vital organs not least my mind?

What if as I continued to cut the oxygen gave me the strength to embrace who I am without the lies?

Practically speaking, what does that mean?
I believe change occurs through owning and changing one thought and one moment at a time. So if I am to start to cut the vine from around me it would be to stop listening, feeding and coming into agreement with that thought that restricts.

The next time I hear the voice that says I can’t, or I'm not... I stop... picture that lie filled agreement being put in front of me like a contract and then I push it away refusing to sign it.  I do not agree with that negative life robbing statement. I wont embrace it nor own it, I wont even give it the space to take root. I throw it out of the door of my mind as quick as it entered. I don’t agree that life is what’s given to me by my thoughts or emotions, it’s what I choose and create it to be!!

I sense a few similarly themed blogs coming on… I know some people struggle with similar issues and so if it interests you stay tuned…

In the meantime chew on this… what would the quality of your life be like without psychological restrictions?

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