Monday, October 03, 2016

What was that you said...?

I thought you suggested Pie and Lattes not PILATES!!!!  I stole that wee joke from a sign outside one of our local bakeries, it made me smile but let me tell you pilates is no joke…

This morning seen me awaken to a reminder on my phone to get down to a Pilates class held in Bangor with Niall Moraghan.  One of Jane mates had been kind enough to provide me with a voucher for 6 sessions with him and so I thought I would take it up.  This was reinforced last week after one of my readers suggested I attend his classes too.

Feeling headachy and nauseated I decided not to let that get in the way and to carry on.  I have come to the recognition recently that feelings hold far too much sway in my life.  I arrived slightly wishing I had asked what you needed to bring and for details of the dress code.  Dressed in a pair of shorts and the longest t-shirt I could find to avoid builder crack I entered the buildings of Bangor Lawn Tennis Club. With my exercise mat and bottle of water under my arm I assured myself that all was well and that I wasn’t about to make a fool out of myself.  Chuffed that I was one of the first to arrive I took my place at the very back of the room and in the furthest corner I could find.  As time passed I was relieved to note that that I had chosen my clothes well and was amongst various ages and shapes of likeminded people.

The class kicked off and I immediately got into it.  Ten minutes later I was sweating and the pulse in my head was thumping.  Was this a mistake I heard myself ask but trying to again ignore myself I shifted my attention to the monster of a playlist the coach was playing.  He’s got very good taste and I suspect his record collection and musical tastes share a lot of similar ground to my own.

30 minutes later and I was shattered, enjoying myself but knowing full well that the class was pushing my physical boundaries.  I found myself hoping that the class would come to an end and 10 minutes later it did.  Relieved but having had a good time I thanked Niall and said I wanted to return next week.  Pilates really does give you an all over body work out.  Yes your lungs won’t burst and your pulse won’t race but you leave knowing you have worked. I suspect I will have stiff muscles tomorrow and it will therefore have done what I wanted to.

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