Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The memory maker...

I was going to talk about the lack of sleep around these parts but instead I decided to shift into a lighter gear and share this wee initiative. In church I am part of a wee bible study/home group called ‘Catalyst’. We haven’t been meeting for a good few months due to my illness but recently we have been.  Last night we met in one of our homes and over a fantastic meal had a wonderful chat. Candles burning, coffee a flowing, imaginations started to get to work.

Life goes past way to quick and all too easy we can allow it to fall through our fingers like sand.  We decided to do something intentional every 3 months that would create one off memories.  As we talked some bizarre ideas came to the fore, some heavy with adrenalin others requiring more thought and creativity.  Here is what we agreed:

Oct – Dec            A “Come Dine with me” Night.
Jan – March        A walk up Cavehill for a picnic and prayer time
April – June        An overnight on the Copeland Islands
July – Sept          A surfing trip

Recently I came very close to purchasing my first van.  I love the practicality of vans. 

I love the idea of throwing a bike or two into it, a canoe or a surf board on the roof and heading off somewhere.  I adore the idea of helping people move big items that they otherwise couldn’t transport. How good is the idea of using the shelter it provides to get changed in after a swim.  Another cracker is on a stormy day to sit well wrapped up in the back, supping coffee whilst looking out through the open doors at Mother Nature doing her worst.  Finally there would also be the fun of using it to transport our dog(s).  Unfortunately for a variety of reasons it didn’t come off but I could also imagine putting a logo up the side of the van calling it "The memory maker". Just like Scooby’s van but a lot more subtle lol ;-)

So seriously setting my dreams aside, what are your dreams?  What things would you like to do before life passes you by?  They won’t happen unless you get intentional and marinade that intent with commitment.  What would be on your list for memory making with?

*Ps. One of my friends who reads this once talked about heading to FFald-Y-Brenin, a well-known retreat centre in Wales… you still up for that?  You want to set a date? Are you up for making memories?

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