Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A whingey United fan & a helpful Liverpool one...

Last night fresh from celebrating the launch (see yesterday’s post) of the new domain name “McFinkle”, the website found itself temporarily crippled with technical issues.  As I sat watching TV my blog was caught between being the victim of much friendly fire from a whingey United fan on one hand and helped out with domain issues by an old friend and Liverpool fan on the other. (Thanks to Stephen Cousins who owns BlueCubes, a web design company, a different friend and company to the one mentioned a number of posts ago)

Thankfully this evening all issues seem to have resolved themselves and “McFinkle” seems to be firing on all four.  A fortnight ago the needle queen suggested moving my acupuncture appointments to a fortnightly basis.  Due to return tomorrow I can report that this past week I have slowly been grinding to a halt and can’t wait for her to stick a pin in me.

It’s been a peculiar couple of days.  I’m fine in the morning managing a swim with the chunkies and even a small walk with the dog.  Then in the afternoon after lunch a sickness and fatigue sets in.  Is it a bug, over doing it, the junk stubbornly insisting on staying in my diet or as I say too long between visits to the queen?

Introducing my good friend Ben to the chunky dunkers...

I am really enjoying the swims and I believe they are helping.  The banter and comradery is outstanding with my new found friends and I must say you leave feeling exhilarated by it! My heart is telling me that I should be out swimming every day come rain, hail or shine however my head and body are saying stick to the plan.  At this stage the plan is to walk the dog a mile every day, to do 1 pilates class a week, 2 -3 swims and if all is ok the icing on the cake, a small bike ride.  Truth told this is a lot.  I’m pushing too hard to go beyond that, the plan is my energy at its absolute max. I need to learn contentment with where I am and to consolidate what I have achieved.

I have selected an album for the week and so if you have the free music streaming app “Spotify” You can listen to Seafret’s last offering "Tell me its real".  I really like it.  My son Gee-Dubs is coming home for the weekend and so expect stories of me being victorious at pool and the eating of ice lollipops whilst watching 80’s TV. I also have a cracking blog post coming up staring my nephew “The Lionheart”… keep your eyes peeled!   You know I spoil you guys… talk soon!! 

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