Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wardrobe malfunction...

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my doctor who I am delighted to say is pleased with my progress… woooo-hoooo!!   I told him I had gone swimming last week and was frustrated with only being able to swim 12 lengths and that I was annoyed that the following two days I was a wreck.  He gently reprimanded me and told me to lower my expectations.  He suggested that the next time I go swimming to lower the lengths to 8 and observe how I am for the following 48 hours.  He also suggested I stop comparing my performance with the days of old and to accept I was in a different season.

Little did he know I had the swimming stuff in the car and was planning another dip straight after the appointment.  As I drove to the pool I pondered over the value for money the swim was… 8 lengths for £3 hmmmm that’s 37p per length, not great!  So I decided to go for 10 lengths and accept that 30p a length was the best deal I was going to get.

I arrived at the pool, paid my money and got down to the changing rooms. As I pulled my swimming shorts from my bag I realised something was up. The mesh inner to the shorts was all mangled and stuck together. As I separated it the inners broke up into pieces and it was then I noticed that the elastic waist had also broken.  Had it melted in the tumble dry?  Who knows but now I faced a dilemma, did I get dressed and go home accepting the wasted time and £3 or do I chance the shorts.

 As I tied the waist cord as tight as I could I decided to go for it…   As I walked to the pool I wondered had I been wise as I realised the pool was fairly full of females.  Persistent I carried on and as I entered the water I suddenly was aware of more water than usual inside my shorts.  As I swam up the pool feeling like the kid on the Nirvana album of old I felt a freedom like never before.   Delighted to complete my 10 lengths I wondered would the shorts hold as I exited the pool.  Thankfully they did and I drove home a happy man having dumped the shorts in the bin on the way out.

Unfortunately but I can confirm that the doctor was right.  I should have gone for 8 lengths and accepted the poor value for money it represented.  That afternoon I was shattered and the following morning along with the tiredness nausea returned.  I’m determined to keep pushing forwards… talk soon!

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Terry M said...

I keep forgetting you're an MD, and so can afford to make up your own interpretation of your doctor's advice! Oh, what? You haven't studied medicine for seven years, and qualified as a GP? You ganch! Do as you're telt! But good work on the swimming, especially with the added shorts jeopardy :-)