Thursday, September 15, 2016

Salt & Vinegar...

So what’s Salt & Vinegar got to do with it?  Well I’ve been visiting the needle queen better known to most as the acupuncturist.  After the first visit she gave 5 double sided A4 information sheets, the contents of which included everything from motivational points to factual, from diet tips to exercise.

One of the suggestions was to daily consume some organic apple cider vinegar.  I’m past caring at this point what I have to do, I just want to get better and so will give almost anything a go.  Well a cap full of the stuff in some water isn’t the easiest thing to down but I have to say it ain’t the hardest either.  My tip is to use a smallish glass and swallow in a hurry.  You will experience an initial gag factor as you raise the glass and you get the scent of it but once the deed is done it leaves the after taste of a cheap packet of crisps.   

So that’s the vinegar, what’s this about salt?  Well apparently sodium and salt are two different things and are not to be confused.  Yes you should reduce the sodium in your diet but not unprocessed salts like sea or mountain salt.  Your body needs amongst other properties its mineral content but when its processed into pre-prepared meals, crisps etc. it becomes more sodium than salt and loses a lot of its nutritional benefit.  So the advice is to take half a tea spoon of organic sea salt, dissolve it in a glass of water and neck it.    Not hard or so I thought.  I woke up one morning keen as mustard and swallowed a glass of the stuff on an empty stomach.  For the next hour I thought I was going to throw.  Did I feel a prat when Twinkle told me that doing that is a well know way to make you sick and that kids use it to get a day off school.  Having learnt from saltgate I have taken it since between meals and all has been thankfully ok.

So in summary for those readers who also suffer from chronic fatigue get the salt and vinegar down you… it may help for the better.  I know in my case I have had an almost unheard off three good days in a row and alongside prayer I point to these two tips as influencers of change.

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