Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Operation Engine Rebuild...

“Operation Engine Rebuild” is a title I gave a fitness project about two or so years ago when I grew increasingly frustrated by my increasing weight and decreasing energy.  As part of the strategy I joined a gym, met with a nutritionist and re-joined a weight loss programme.  Little did I know at the time but that my problem was not one of fitness/diet or the lack thereof but was in fact the start of my chronic fatigue.  This problem gradually and slowly grow worse and there was little I seemed to be able to do about it.

Over the past two weeks but something has shifted, something is different.  Granted it’s fragile but I have a little more energy, focus and motivation. Now this illness can be cruel as we have spoken about in previous posts so over the past number of days I have been a little suspicious of this development.  However I’ve had this weird idea to return to swimming.

Taken jumping of Portnablagh Harbour, Donegal 2 summers ago!
Back in the day my dad and mum insured that all 3 of their kids were all competent swimmers. It was one of the best gifts they gave us and one I have always treasured. 4 years or so ago I was swimming 35 lengths or half a mile 2-3 times a week.  I could have done more but actually I find swimming lengths mind numbingly boring and 35 is my boredom threshold. I’ve had this yearning to restart and over the past few days I have been mulling over where I would go, how many lengths I could/would do, could I cope with swimming in public again when I am the size that I am.  Actually that last point took more processing than I was expecting.  In my 30s I wouldn’t really have cared what others thought but now in my 40s I seem to have developed a sensitive side. Who knew?

Anyways this morning I took the plunge (genius pun) and took myself down to the local pool. 12 lengths later and I had had it.  I got out of the pool as proud as punch and tingling all over with the rush of pumping blood and endorphins raging around my body.  By the time I got changed and to the front door I was sweating like a water fountain and shaking like Elvis, I knew I had called it wisely when I had called it quits at 12 lengths.  This really is going to be a major rebuild and there is a big journey a head, one that if handled right and with patience should be fun and leave me fitter than I was before the illness. 


Anonymous said...

You should do a prayer swim. That's what I do on holiday. 1st length Thank God 2nd Thank Jesus 3rd Thank n invite the Holy Spirit then continue through your prayer list 😊

Terry M said...

You're making me jealous. I'd love a swim. Enjoy. Hope it ups your energy levels a bit.