Friday, September 16, 2016

Dastardly weapons of torture...

Today I woke after having 3 reasonably good & healthy days to feeling both lethargic and nauseous. As I sip my detox tea I need to be careful to reflect wisely on this. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water as the sense of disappointment rises. Equally let’s not do something daft in a fit of frustration like go for some extended form of exercise in the search for some kind of cathartic release.  I have adopted both stands frequently over the past few months, neither work and both take you to the same dark place.

Yesterday the “Needle Queen” asked what I was going to add to my strategy for this incoming week. I hate people with good questions, that role I like to reserve solely for myself.  You know I jest but since muting the question it has pestered the life out of me.  Another thing I hate is the fact that she has been getting me to keep a diary of my food intake, mood, rest patterns etc.  A diary is a tool for self-accountability and therefore a dastardly weapon of torture.  One I used to inflict upon my clients back in the day when I was a counsellor and so I should know that whilst torturous it reveals some real nuggets of treasure.

So what has my diary revealed… well begrudgingly I have to admit it has revealed quite a lot.  Much to my surprise it has revealed that my good friend coffee is a two faced one.  Shortly after I lose myself in the company of a mug of warm velvet comfort my diary has revealed that I experience increased lethargy and nauseousness. Reluctantly I have to admit coffee and I are going to have to part company and there we find the answer to the "Needle Queens" question.  Gutted…  My diary has revealed other nuggets but I will leave that for another day.

So folks it’s a sunny Friday and I have spent far too long in the land of blog, the great outdoors sat at a picnic table with a book and a flask of tea (NOT coffee) is a calling.  It’s time to journey into the weekend; I hope you have a fantastic one full of laughter, friends, love, community and family. May you sense God's presence weaved throughout it all.  Talk soon! 

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