Monday, September 26, 2016


Last Wednesdays swim was fun!  However after I got home from the swim and had my lunch I thought I would take a quick nap.  That was 13:30 and I woke up a startling 3 hours later.  The following day I was shattered, but in insisting my health was improving I carried on with quite a chunky agenda.  I had a work based catch up in the morning, a visit to the Needle Queen in the afternoon (in Belfast) and an evening out for dinner with some good friends.  Friday I was well drained and with high levels of nausea…  Now I’m left with the dilemma of what to blame for the exhaustion and regression.  Wednesdays swim, Thursdays busyness, a return to a questionable diet OR the lack in general of observing boundaries.

I use the word observe because setting personal boundaries has never been a problem, observing them on the other hand has been.  When it comes to my personal life I allow myself to tramp over and through all sorts of pre-set boundaries. From my finances to my diet, from exercise to my downtime, boundaries have always been paper thin. In some ways I wonder in the past did I cross a central boundary and spent so much energy in my professional life that I left myself robbed of focus for my personal life.

 This is definitely going to be the theme for this week.  Where are my boundaries and how do I plan to ensure that they are observed?  Slowly my return to health is becoming a reality and I want to have this well thought through so I never have to return to this place. 

Interestingly one of the challenges the Needle Queen set me last week was to draw a pie chart of how I want to invest my time.  Conveniently up to now I had forgotten about that, excuse me whilst I go do some homework…

Ohh one quick question... I am thinking of taking up Pilates (I have never done this before), anyone any recommendations of where to go?

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