Friday, August 12, 2016

Clear out...

Isn’t it funny how I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at throwing out some veg that hadn’t been used but would take a buckle in my eye at throwing out a half empty bag of frozen oven chips, left over chocolate or Coke.  Over the past few days I have allowed myself to nibble through the few remaining goodies in the house, sneaked a scone with my friend (self-justified as I hadn’t had breakfast) and to eat vast amounts of Pizza at a friend’s house (self-justified as a much needed social evening).  Good going for a new diet – I think not!

It’s time to catch a grip, clear the cupboards of all that’s unhelpful and move on.  I’m still dragging my feet and resisting planning and prepping meals ahead of time but slowly I believe I’m moving into a position which will induce change.

The other piece of good news is that I and my buddy Lola walked over 8 miles this week.  Doesn’t sound like much over 7 days but trust me it’s a significant result given my health.

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