Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slimming World - The story so far...

So nearly three weeks into it what do I make of it?  Well I'm 13lbs lighter with my weekly weigh in due tomorrow. Whether I like it or not I can’t argue that it works.  The diet requires a little organisation but if I'm honest other diets that I have been on have required a lot more and to be fair if one is serious about losing weight organisation will always be a vital ingredient.

I have found that it has pushed me towards eating more healthier foods. A thing that was long overdue for me.  I like the way they have what they call syn-free food of which you can eat as much of it as you like.  You would be surprised by the type of foods that are included too.  Rice, potatoes, pasta, meat, fruit, veg. 

No food is ruled out as long as you count the syns they hold and to be honest this has been a bit of a shocker.  Yes you can eat bread but given the fact that you are allowed 15 syns a day and a slice of bread may be 7+ has meant I just don’t bother with it.  I'm a big lover of cereal and this is quite heavily syn scored too.  I was never so disappointed with what 40g of Frosted Shreddies and 100ml of milk looked like. I never did that again, it just wasn't worth what it used of my daily syn count.

If I'm honest all previous attempts of losing weight relied heavily on exercise.  I wasn't really watching what I ate to closely simply because I was beating my pan in on the bike and in the gym.  This meant that I was losing weight and within reason eating what I wanted.  Injuries have brought an end to this but and I'm glad not to be so reliant on exercise.  Its good to know I have found a way to lose weight without having to visit the gym 5 days a week for 90 minutes plus!!

All in all I think Slimming World is great.  I do curse it occasionally when I'm in a situation I haven’t prepared for and realise that the only option open to me is fruit.  That however is my fault and with a little more focus should be able to be avoided.  I’d recommend the regime to anyone. 

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Nutnut said...

Really glad you're doing so well on it. Fingers crossed for WI tomorrow. I know a few peoplefrom WW who crossed over to the Dark Side of SW when losses slowed doen, and they all have only praise for it. Good luck. xo