Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yet another one...

This week my naggin foot injury, which I thought had disappeared, has kicked off again.  I have been struggling with my feet over the last 18 months or so.  First of all I had Plantar Fasciitis, then having just said goodbye to that I was told I possibly had Morton's neuroma in my right foot. Finally in February and with yet another and different pain I was told I had tendonitis of my foot.  Now this has been at various times throughout the last 18 months and diagnosed by differing people.  From a friend who is a nurse, to a physio to a podiatrist. 

So over the past few days I made the decision that I was doing way too much reading and getting conflicting opinions. I had listened to various people and it hadn’t helped, it was now time to get the BIG guns out, go to an expert and listen to one voice.  So I went to a recommended podiatrist yesterday and so the journey of healing begins again.  Hopefully this time we will get to the bottom of the problem.

This is now a dangerous stage that I have now entered. One of the risks here is to say that this excuses me from further training in an attempt to avoid injury.  Another danger is to wallow in self pity and comfort eat.  Both of these strands of faulty thinking I have fallen for in the past and been the victim of.  I know that the cross trainer seems not to annoy the foot and so I need to start utilizing that fact to my benefit and obviously upper body stuff is also a way to exercise without straining the foot.

Let’s keep focused…

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