Monday, September 24, 2012

Catch up...

What a week last week was… The Spence family of Hillsborough who belong to our Church lost three of its members (Nevin, Noel and Graham seen below) in a farming accident and it knocked us all for six.  To be honest it has made me re-think my attitude to a lot of things but especially the importance of community.  My support, thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family.

Then there is work.  It would be inappropriate of me to go into detail but let us just say it is extremely challenging and sleep is in short supply.  The issue dominates my thinking and significantly raises my anxiety levels.  It’s very difficult to bring focus to any thing and diet and exercise seem to be harder than usual to focus on.

On a much brighter note a close personal friend (Nigel Webb seen above) organised a cycling trip and what a boost in morale I found it to be.  He took a day of work and managed to get the loan of a friend’s caravan for two nights.  We travelled up on Thursday night and on Friday cycled down the Antrim coast road, one of Ulster’s most famous stretches of tarmac.  It was bliss, however I do really need to remember that because I’m participating in a cycling challenge doesn’t mean that I need to eat for 4 people the days before, during and after!!

I've been treading water for the past few weeks on the weight loss front.  I’ve trained hard and my fitness has improved but weight loss is all but at a stand still.  I’m thinking I need to revisit my goals and commitment.  I’ll be writing more about that shortly.

Before I go but my friends son got his bike stolen from outside his Church whilst he was at worship would you believe…  If you see this bike for sale or abandoned somewhere in East Belfast let me know! 

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