Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting ready for "Coastal Challenge"...

We are now 11 weeks away from my sportive and I’m one minute riddled with doubt, the next minute fearless and then everything in between all day long. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been doing some serious enough training but I feel distracted by various conflict training notions, fears of injury, and an incredibly sore saddle so to speak, the pressure of work and of course the flaming weather. At times my mind is like living in a washing machine.

I’ve lost 25lbs since January so I’m a very happy bunny but whilst my weekly mile count has beaten many personal bests and now sits between 80-90 each week my speed has slowed down and I’m frustrated. I love the pushing the boundaries but with it comes tiredness & a sore butt. Last week to give my butt a break, I reintroduced swimming to my work out and a little walking. The time away from the saddle was very welcome; however you can’t help but feel that the only way to crack this nut is through time in the saddle and for that time to be on the road.

I think I need to man up & dump the turbo training. I need to improve my strength, stamina & speed and the turbo seems not to be delivering. Now I know there are ways to get it to do so however there is two main stumbling blocks to that. Firstly it’s now spring and I want to get out more and secondly when I’m on the turbo I always want to fat burn which whilst I need to be a lot lighter it won’t will deliver the attributes I need for the sportive.

I need to give a training schedule some serious thought. However I’m not great with schedules and my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself easily to it. Hence the overdependence on the turbo. Can you see my dilemma?

Bottom line is I need to quit the gurning and get out on the road. I need to remember the motto of my beloved Linfield FC – Fortune favors the brave…

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