Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to basics...

If this past year has taught me anything it’s that I have I’m dangerously conflicted. Physically speaking I’m injury prone and with a low pain threshold. Psychologically I’m prone to losing form and self belief. Put injuries and mental wobbliness together and you get a formidable opponent in the fight to lose weight. Between knee, hip & foot injuries and an eating bender the likes of which I’ve rarely seen I’ve taken a hell of a beating over the past 6 months.


Given my lack of focus, considerable weight gain and loss of fitness I’ve decided to return to basics with small goals and build momentum up safely and in a way that is hopefully free of injury. I don’t want to under challenge myself but equally I’m sick to death of injuries. So today thanks to Gaz & the nagging of my mate Jeremy I’m back on the wagon and I’m setting goals for this week


Goals for this week

  1. Train 3 times on the Turbo trainer (2 hours in total)
  2. Walk twice
  3. Ban Crisps, Chocolate, Ice cream

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Toby Field said...

You can do it. Think positive!