Sunday, December 19, 2010

My weight today...

18st 11.5lbs (263.5lbs)
1.5lbs heavier than last week

Going the wrong direction... least said the better!


The Former 550 Pound Cyclist said...

gutted for you mate

Peter Martin said...

Just can't find my flamin form... that said I've been on the turbo two days in a row!

Toby Field said...

As Gaz said - gutted for you!

Andrew said...

Hello Peter, I found your blog looking about the internet for a place to buy a bike sturdy enough for a big fella!

Your blog is inspiring stuff.

I've dropped from 30st to 23st in 18 months just through change in diet and walking, now I'm that bit more healthier & confident I'm looking at taking up cycling.

Would you be able to recommend the best places to shop around for bikes sturdy enough?



Peter Martin said...

Andrew at that weight I bought a mountain bike to I got down to 17st. I'd go into Halfords and buy a GT. Cheap but strong and up for the task. They also look the part. Talking of Halfords I hear there is good offers on the Boardman range which are a cracking bike but with a higher price tag.

You could also but a cyclocross bike Specialiased do a cracker! They are kind of a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike and built to take a lot of abuse. Leave another message with any question you like the matter how daft you may think it is. ;-)

Good luck!

Toby Field said...

When I started cycling just short of 21 stone I was also worried about bikes not being able to put up with my weight. I bought the strongest mountain bike I could find but I now realise that was not necessary. Any decent mountain bike (£400+) will be good enough for a >20st person. The main considerations are the forks and wheels. Mountain bike tyres give a good amount of suspension to the wheel and should stop them from buckling under the weight.