Friday, June 18, 2010

Quit when you're ahead...

This morning I woke up to find my legs have that uncomfortable muscular bussing going on. Not quite stiffness in its traditional painful format but more like hung-over with fatigue. It quite hard to describe now I put my mind to it but those cyclists reading this will no doubt know the sensation I’m talking about.


Today I had a recovery ride of 18 miles planned which would have taking me nicely to my weekly target of 60. You know something but my legs aren’t up to it and I suspect it would have ended up being a bit of a chore. Once something becomes a chore you’re into dangerous territory which risks robbing you of motivation and passion.


So today’s a rest day and tomorrow I hope to fit in a wee turbo session before or after work. On a high note the Halfords Tour series hits the streets of Belfast tonight and I can’t wait. Look out for me amongst the spectators on TV – so excited!

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Christie said...

Giving your legs a day off sounds like a sensible idea to me. Enjoy the Halfords tour series!