Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm a celebrity...

It’s been an eventful week on the cycling front with plenty of memory making moments. One that I will remember for some time to come happened on Bank Holiday Monday. Early morning saw me taking on a bit of touring on territory so far unexplored by myself. I decided to try some of Route 94 of the national cycling network, or Lough Neagh for the locals reading. I started at Oxford Island and followed the lakeside as close as the road would allow me with the destination of Charlestown or thereabouts in mind.
On the way to it however I had an “I’m a celebrity” experience when literally I came across thousands of flies. Some parked cars were literally black from the high number of flies crawling over them. It must be the breeding season for this particular lakeside living insect. Early on I looked down and seen around 20 of the blighters on me. I tried to switch off to this fact only to shortly after realise they had increased to 40 – 50. I turned a corner and hit a particularly dense swarm of them and all of a sudden I had triple figures over me. They were crawling over my glasses, through the gaps on my helmet and elsewhere. I was determined to keep my mouth shut and breath through my nose only but as I hit a steep hill the predictable happened and as I opened my mouth to breath I consumed a few… disgusting but a good source of protein ;-)
Interestingly enough the road shortly after Charlestown comes to an abrupt stop at where there once was a bridge over the river. The decision must have gone against replacing it many years ago and so I turned round and headed back. As I did disaster struck. I stopped to get of the bike for 2 minutes and stretch my back but as I did my brand new Specialized ¾ length bib shorts caught on my saddle and ripped. I came close to falling off the bike and after quickly gathering myself was relieved to note that no one had just witnessed what had just happened. I cycled off muttering to myself but as I returned to my car the sense of pleasure and of being at one with myself, the bike and the world told me that the events should be smiled at and enjoyed! Life’s often so much more enjoyable when you take a healthy positive viewpoint and to a certain extent it’s a decision we all have the power to make. Get out and enjoy life in whatever way you can and are wired to… We are only here once.


Christie said...

Wonder how many calories were in the black flies ... LOL!

Love this post's conclusion - we are indeed here only once, and getting out there to enjoy the world we live in feels just fantastic!

Peter Martin said...

I'm reliably informed by a local I was talking to that the insect in question is known as the "May Fly" because of its previlance in the month of May. However this May being cold seems to have delayed proceedings.

Toby Field said...

I have recently swallowed the odd fly whilst cycling but the other week I kept cycling through swarms of mosquitoes on my ride into work. It wasn't until that evening that I realised I'd been bitten about 25 times including twice on my head!

Joby said...

I have to say, being covered in flies is better than being covered in fly poo - but thats just my opinion ;)