Sunday, March 08, 2009

My weight today...

18st 8.75lbs
1.75lbs lighter than last week - 42.25lbs lighter than August '08

*This takes me past the 3 stone mark and into the single figures of 18st (x)lbs


Gaz said...

Good work mate, keep it up

charlie said...

i have to admit that 42ibs doesn't mean alot to my metric mind but 19KG certainly does - that's some weight not to be lugging around!!! The pace is good bro!! Keep the foot down!!

Jacobsmum said...

Hi Pete,

Remember me?
It's been a while since I last read your blog and WOW you're doing great!!
What a massive achievement having lost over 3 stone, you're getting close to your goal weight so keep it up, whatever you're doing.

You once thanked me for my encouragement and now I'm asking you for some because I have fell to the sidelines and put all the weight I'd lost back on and possibly a little bit more :-(

Any tips or advice would be welcomed!

Bye for now,

Peter Martin said...

Hi Michelle,

Yup I do indeed remember you. Thanks for callin in again and leavin a comment. Remind me how you first came across this blog - I'm curious but can't remember.

As for tips your havin a laugh aren't ya... ;-) No seriously I've been wanting to record some things that I've found helpful along the way - so there may be an article comin up soon on said issue. Keep your eyes peeled!!


Jacobsmum said...

Hi Pete,

I'll keep an eye out!

I came across you when reading one of the Emmanuel blogs.


Jamie said...

keep it up mate...u seriously are still doing great, in fact it seem syou keep stepping up a gear, is there any stopping u? i hope not. and remember...when u hit 16...we're getting a classic car ;)

Peter Martin said...

That was before I realised that you are a complete philistine when it comes to classic cars... knowing you you would have us in a convertible MR2