Sunday, February 08, 2009

My weight today...

18st 11.5lbs
4.5lbs lighter than last week - 39.5lbs lighter than August '08

*As a reward for breaking into the 18st category Jane bought me a new mountain bike :- D I'm so excited I'm like a little kid... I can't wait for the snow and ice to clear to I get out on it!
*Next week will hopefully see me into the I've lost over 40lbs category!
*I'm only 2.5lbs away from having lost 3 stone
*I've now started to focus on how I keep the weight off once I've lost it. (Something tells me that may be the hardest part) Should I get to 16st a new road racing bike may also be purchased.


Anonymous said...

once again a good result, pity Spurs cant be as consistant, but there again as with weight bashers there is nothing quite like hope! rsm. ps your new wheels look the part, health and weather to enjoy, that Jane one is some girl.

Peter Martin said...

I have to agree I married a cracker!!

The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Just stunning Peter, just stunning! Congratulations! Well chuffed for you!