Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grapefruit & prunes...

My Papa Best was what you might call a rounded man. He was small in height, bald, had high blood pressure and carried some weight. (Nowhere near what I do – he would have weighed 15 stone max). He loved his food and his sport and had a big heart for those around him in need.

I’ve often wondered how he lasted into his eighties given his weight and why it was cancer that killed him and not a heart problem. To my regret whilst loving the man I didn’t get to spend too much time with him but what I do remember is his love for grapefruit and prunes. He would have had a grapefruit every morning for his breakfast and fairly regularly would have had prunes for dessert.

I was listening to the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 in November and heard that prunes are arguably the one of the healthiest of fruits. As I understand it of all fruits they have the highest level of antioxidants which helps prevent cancer. Amongst their many other benefits they also ensure that your digestive system and bowels are working efficiently. As a result since November I’ve been taking both prune juice and prunes themselves and have benefitted.
Grapefruit is a different matter. My Papa would have eaten it like you would an orange but it’s too bitter for me to do that. My alternative is to blend it with some water and drink it and I’ve been doing this 2 – 3 times a week. Grapefruit have many health benefits but what I’m mostly interested in is how they absorb fat in the system and remove it. They also provide high levels of fibre, help with gall stone complaints, help prevent cancers and reduce cholesterol. For my money both prunes and grapefruit are winners and may help explain my Papa’s lengthy and relatively healthy life! Click on the links for further info.
Papa (George) Best

As a side note my Papa didn’t always get it right. As some of you may know he was one of the main men behind Linfield FC for 50 years and what makes me laugh is that he had a tab in a local chippy and would tell the players to call in and get their tea after the match – how times have changed. He also used to think that since cream sponge cakes were so light (in weight) they couldn’t do you much harm in terms of putting weight on. It’s funny when you think of it as he was an active footballer and cyclist in the first half of his life and an international bowls player and football man in management in his later half.


valerieguiles said...

I just found your blog from a link on Ashley (Ruddell) Jackson's blog... and your journey is really inspiring and motivating for me - especially because you're a normal person that I know, instead of a stranger in a book or magazine that we usually see! God Bless!

Val Guiles

Peter Martin said...

Thanks very much - I've been inspired myself by Ashley's and your own comments. Happy new year!