Monday, February 26, 2007

It was bound to happen sometime!

It was bound to happen, and it did… Yes I got distracted, my focus and motivation went and I fell of the wagon. This past week, well after Wednesday I tried to sharpened up my act. Yet still I felt like I was dragging my heels and going through the motions. I trained 3 times and my food consumption was slightly better in nature and quantity but its still all along way off from being were it was 3 weeks ago.
I keep telling myself that this journey started in late October with small steps and if I could at least return to small steps it would mean I am travelling in the right direction. It’s tough and if I’m honest in the past when I got to this level of frustration and failure I gave up. Not this time but!!! I’m going to negotiate my boundaries for the incoming week with Jane and start again… Let’s keep pushing and if only a tiny amount of progress is realised I’m still on the right path and travelling in the right direction.


emma said...

Keep going Pete - I am joining you and feel free to link me up!

The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Thankfully you're human Peter & everyone falls off the wagon now and again. You're going good and still on the right track!

emma said...

Bruce Willis eh - not too far from the truth I reckon! You need to cultivate a mean 5 o'clock shadow!