Tuesday, November 14, 2006

After the dark...

After the dark day that was yesterday I woke in better more determined form… I got the bike out and hit the lagan towpath. I can’t speak more highly of it; I just love getting out and watching the world go by as I cycle past. I went for the same distance as last week (11ish miles). I was fighting some moderate wind occasionally on the way back which was a little extra work for the legs and boy they are feeling it! I made it in 50 minutes.

Last week I was shattered for the three days following and I’m hoping the aftermath is no where near the same this week. I think I may push for two outings this week with the second perhaps coming on Thursday. I promised myself that I would look back on the positives over the last 4 or so weeks to keep myself focused. So pardon the review if it bores you but its more for the author than the reader. I love how bloggin helps me process!

Positives from the past 4 weeks or so.
*My intake of chips has dramatically decreased!
*I have had one chocolate bar and a funsize at that.
*I think that I haven’t had any potato crisps!
*I’ve only had one portion of ice-cream.
*I’ve started exercising and enjoying it.
*I’ve given myself targets.
*I’ve started the weight loss blog.
*My fruit intake has taken a dramatic increase.
*Jane and I are spending more time together exercising.
*Jane and I equally motivated towards changing our lifestyle (Rare)


emma said...

I love this blog - and I think you are doing great!! Those positives are ... well, positive! Keep 'er lit, as they say!

Neil Harrison said...

Hey Pete, just found this as ive been distant from the blog world recently. Be encouraged pal and don't give up.

The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

There's LOADS of encouraging stuff there Peter, keep 'er lit the boy ye!

dave wiggins said...

here pete, pleased to see that you and jane are spending more time exercising 'together' wink wink, keep up the good work!! yes i have a mind like sewage.